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Care for Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Since the brain is the most important organ in the body, traumas that leave an individual with brain or spinal cord injuries are particularly difficult to deal with. Even after the initial trauma is treated in the hospital or medical center, discharged patients frequently need additional care to tide them over until their rehabilitation is complete, possibly indefinitely.

Those with brain injuries should not be left to fend for themselves even if they are able to utilize all their major limbs because of the risk of side effects. For instance, a patient may be able to walk and use his hands to do housework, but the brain injury may lead to sudden spells of dizziness, unconsciousness, or memory loss and disorientation. In this situation, a caregiver or home health professional can help or at the very least call an emergency medical professional as the situations require.

Abcor’s trained staff of caregivers and experienced nurses can make sure you or your loved ones stay safe after a brain injury. Call us today to find out more.