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Hiring In-Home Care: Caregiver Video Roundup

June 24, 2015, 04:18 AM

Hiring a caregiver for an elderly parent or loved one can be stressful. Figuring out the how, what, why, and when of bringing in a professional home care worker can be downright confusing, especially for first-timers with no previous experience hiring help to care for a loved one. To make the process easier, we’ve rounded up some of the most helpful videos to get you started and successfully hire a compassionate caregiver.

When to Hire a Professional

If you’ve been the one caring for an elderly parent in declining health, you may be stretching yourself thinner than you realize. You may be feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and are beginning to experience symptoms of caregiver burnout. If you’re hesitant to hire a professional home care worker, this video will help you figure when it might be time to do to just that.

Author Gail Sheehy talks about the common issues many informal and family caregivers face, how you can ask for help when you need it, as well as how to introduce to your parent to the prospect of bringing in a professional to help in their care.

Where to Start in the Hiring Process

Not sure how to start the process of hiring a home care professional? You’re not alone. In this video, you’ll find out what questions to ask yourself when it comes to addressing your parent’s unique needs, before you start asking questions to a potential caregiver.

Understanding what type of care your loved one requires can help dramatically lower the stress of choosing an appropriate caregiver. Home care is available in a variety of options ranging from round-the-clock memory care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to part-time non-medical custodial care, to temporary respite care so you can take a break.

Agency or Independent Caregiver?

Once you’ve decided to hire help, you must decide which avenue to pursue: a home care agency or an independent contractor? This video produced by the AARP will help you decide which option is best for you and your loved one.

You’ll also learn what to ask potential caregivers, what qualities to look for, and how to make sure the individual you bring into your parent’s home is well-qualified and caring. In addition, you’ll learn about the benefits of hiring an agency-employed aide, as well as the flexibility that comes with hiring independently. The video also touches on the importance of considering your parent’s or loved one’s wishes when it comes to providing their care; if you haven’t already, take the time to talk to your loved one about their desired for long term and end-of-life care.

Working with & Managing your Caregiver

Congratulations! You’ve asked the right questions and found the best candidate to provide home care in Chicago for your parent or loved one. This individual will be spending lots of time with your parent, making trust and mutual respect a critical ingredient to ensuring a happy and beneficial relationship. Hear from Aaron Yeo, a quadriplegic who has needed caregivers since his injury, on what the most important aspect of working and developing a relationship with a hired home care worker.

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